Fresh Arts Theatre School
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Singing & Music

Our aim is to make singing fun, safe and enjoyable. As the children progress throughout their time at Fresh Arts Theatre School they will build their own personal technique which they can draw upon for any song.

Infants – In this class we increase confidence, develop awareness and introduce children to different types of music. Through the theory section of the class the children begin to understand the use of pulse, rhythm, and melody. They will also discover how to sustain pitch. The children will present two songs or nursery rhymes at the end of term.

Juniors – In the juniors class we train the children to use their voices safely and develop different ‘vocal qualities’. The children also learn how to sustain pitch, practice dynamics, breathe effectively, develop vocal range, improve alignment, and most importantly increase their confidence in performance. In the juniors class the children also have the opportunity to be entered for singing exams.