Fresh Arts Theatre School
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Dance & Movement

Being active is important for all ages. As well as improving your child’s fitness Dance and Movement at Fresh Arts Theatre School will improve their coordination, balance and flexibility. The discipline and concentration learnt in Dance and Movement will bring improvements in all areas of school life.

Infants – This class encourages your child to develop a creative imagination through movement. They will be working with a variety of music types ranging from pop to classical and moving and responding to different rhythms and recognising these changes. ‘Dance and Movement’ at Fresh Arts Theatre School encourages coordination, motor development, creativity, imagination and emotional expression in children. We also work on a commercial dance routine to present at the end of term.

Juniors – This is a commercial dance class with influences from jazz, modern and street dance styles. Through core exercises your child will learn the fundamentals to improve their timing and rhythm, coordination and dance technique. This class will also instil discipline and focus in your child and inspire a love of dance.